Relationship Coaching to Live Fully and Love Boldy

The process of healing painful areas of your life and transforming your way of living asks you to learn new ways of relating - to yourself, to loved ones, and to your communities. We offer coaching for individuals, couples, and groups to help you thrive in your connections.

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Healing in Connection

Our approach to coaching is a synthesis of the Western scientific tradition with Eastern contemplative traditions. The Western scientific approach offers a rich body of understanding of the personal elements of mind, and Eastern contemplative traditions offer a methodology to look beyond our personal experience to more deeply understand ourselves and our place in the world.

This is an integrative approach where every aspect of your life is significant in your wellbeing and in your healing. Because everything is potentially relevant, grounding transpersonal work in presence - attention to the here & now - allows us to work with it. So much can be said about mindfulness, but what it boils down to is giving compassionate attention to the thoughts, emotions and sensations that make up our experience of each moment. This approach is systems-based, looking to how we as individuals live through systems such our family, culture, socioeconomic status, gender, and spirituality. We are each in reciprocal relationship with these institutions - affected by them, and affecting them simultaneously. Our work with you looks to this broader context of your life in finding the source of your unique healing and gifts.

You are capable of awareness and experience beyond what is defined by your personal circumstances and current outlook. The more you can include this aspect of life in an integrated sense of Self, the more you move out of identification with personal struggles and into alignment with what you are called to in life. 

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