Lucid Relating is a coaching practice supporting people to thrive in healthy relationship.

photo credit:  Benjamin Buren

photo credit: Benjamin Buren


Andrew Griffes, MA

Maura Griffes, MA, CHT

As a committed couple who share a dedication to coaching and couples work, we have a rare blessing in the field of personal growth and transformation. Together, we walk a path of personal and spiritual evolution, holding each other to the growth it takes to honestly look at our own wounds and blind spots, and to work our edges so that we can show up powerfully for the people we work with.

Our journey together began while we were both masters students in the counseling department at Naropa University, and quickly became a crucible of personal growth, spiritual practice, and learning to navigate our own relationship with love and healing. 

Together, we share a love of adventure and a devotion to life. We have traveled the world together, and have seen the precarious beauty of life on this planet. Many of our days together have been in silent meditation. Many of our nights have been under the stars. Our children Lila and Kestrel are a constant source of joy and wonder in our lives. We find inspiration in Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf model of learning. Whenever possible, we spend time among the trees, the waters, and the mountains. The big vision we are serving is land-based community where people can live in-touch with the rhythms of nature to create a culture of gratitude and beauty.

We are passionate about giving those around us the support to thrive.