Relationship Yoga: The Art of the Request

Like the physical yoga most are now familiar with, relationship is a yoga - a dance of polarity - that stretches us, growing our capacity to hold paradox… The game of mature relationship is finding the request each of us have for one another in a given situation (our desire), and collaboratively working the tension between what is wanted and what we are each willing to give (our boundaries) in response to that ask.

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Trust is the New Sexy

In love, the most powerful aphrodisiac behind novelty is trust. Once the pheromone craze of new love starts to invite in the troublesome guests of commitment (of whatever form), living together, sharing money, or other ‘entanglements’, trust becomes the topsoil in which couples grow their sexuality. If I haven’t already landed in your spam bin by using the words ‘aphrodisiac’ and ‘pheromone’, bear with me as I draw out the coy sexiness in this issue of trust.

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Connection in Conflict: The Heat of Battle

What if you leaned into conflict as a way of listening for the unmet needs it is actually pointing to? 

Conflict is a source of connection, after all. When pushed away, it can become automatic and toxic. On the other hand, with careful attention, it can illuminate opportunities for deeper connection. Rather than tiptoeing away from charged issues, partners can face each other with a sense of dignity and respect, and actually come out enlivened by the ‘heat’ of conflict done beautifully.

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