So often, couples live with the pain and frustration of when their relationship isn't working how they'd like it to. In fact, it can be even more painful to acknowledge where we play out the same interactions with our partner despite our earnest intention to do it differently. The painful clashes or numb distancing that bring most couples to counseling can almost always be traced back to places where relatively simple shifts can help navigate your relationship toward health.

You may already struggle for hope that your relationship could be more fulfilling. Often, this gravity of ‘the way things are’ is enough to keep couples from getting support when they could benefit from it. We work with couples to address issues including: finances, parenting, living situation, sex, communication, and conflict. Despite the extent of the pain you have may have been through, couples coaching can give you the traction to live the vision you have for your relationship. 


Our time together will be a balance of:

  • understanding your attachment style and your partner's

  • gaining insight into the unique 'dance' of your combined relational style

  • identifying major stress-points and resources in your relationship

  • building new pathways of interaction based on mutual regulation

The main focus of our couples coaching sessions is to help partners achieve what Stan Tatkin, PsyD. calls "secure-functioning". In short, this means that despite any challenging patterns of relationship you might have inherited in your family of origin, you can learn with your current partner to live collaboratively according to what is best for your relationship as a whole.

Our approach to couples coaching draws largely on PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy), and includes elements of Imago Therapy, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), and the living wisdom of elder couples in our own lives.

We welcome partners of any gender, sexual orientation, and relationship configuration.

Couples Intensives

Intensives are great for partners who are at a major turning point in their relationship - a make or break choice, a new phase of life, or the desire to more quickly shift a deep-seated pattern. A deep-dive with caring facilitation can clear the way for you to begin living the love you share. Some couples find this way of working to be especially well-suited to scheduling or geographical constraints. We can plan intensives from 1/2 day to 3 days in length, and help you to balance time in-session with time to rest and integrate. Contact us below to speak further about scheduling a relationship intensive.

Premarital Coaching

Many couples find that in the process of preparing for marriage or commitment ceremonies, they are faced with big questions of how their relationship works. Issues like combining households or finances, managing relationships with extended family, writing vows, and exploring the spiritual significance of your partnership can surface clashing expectations and unresolved conflict. Premarital coaching can help you deepen your connection as you make your way through this rite of passage.