Committing to personal coaching is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and the world.  So much in our society says that it is selfish to give to yourself in this way.  But looking into your own soul, into your hurts, and and into your calling is what uncovers your greatest gifts.  Whether you feel anxious, depressed, or have a sense of something in you that is painfully unexpressed, hiring a coach is one of the clearest ways to uncover what you truly want and the person you truly want to be in the world. 

Many people, after just a few months of this work feel like a great burden has lifted, and in its place they have clarity into why they are alive on this planet. 

Our world needs authentic and empowered people, so giving yourself this gift is also giving the world the gift of YOU.

Everyone comes to this work because of something important, something they are committed to. It may be oneself, a relationship, spiritual practice, recovery, creative work, or any other aspect of life. The most important things in life demand our continuous growth and maturation. In return, this challenge offers purpose and connection. 

It is an honor to work with you as you walk your edges in life, and give yourself the resource of our sessions to cultivate the wholeness and dignity you are born with.

A Glimpse of Our Work

Before diving in, people often wonder what a session might actually look like. While each session is a spontaneous collaboration between us, there are some fundamental elements to give a basic picture:

  • Balancing present experience and life narrative: working together, we will connect content from past or future (eg. a recent argument or an aspiration for next year) with awareness of the moment-to-moment experience of our session. The nutshell neuroscience of this is that it reinforces the pathways in our nervous system associated with self-observation. Learning to address the events of our lives in this way builds the capacity for integration of growth and relationship.

  • Formulating goals: we will articulate and refine what you hope to address in our sessions. For some, it may be very specific, and for others it might be subtle or broad. In this practice of communication and accountability, we also work the circuits of healthy collaboration and relationship.

  • Mindfulness: this is both the context for our entire session as well as a component that may come to center stage at opportune moments. Sometimes, we may engage in specific techniques to bring awareness to facets of experience that may otherwise stay in the background. These are the places where you find forgotten vitality and untapped wisdom. With years of training and personal practice we bring an approach to mindfulness that is accessible and relevant. Whatever exercises we practice in session, we will weave them back into the flow of your life.

  • Experiment: related to mindfulness, we will frequently try on new things in session. This allows us to both gather understanding on existing patterns and to begin establishing new ways of perceiving, relating, and expressing. Here as well, we bridge the time we spend together with the day-to-day of transformation, so the work you do finds a place immediately in how you live. Often, these experiments are based in body awareness, including movement, as it is the most direct way we influence our experience.


Individual Coaching

Get attuned support in taking on your most important goals, and transforming the issues that surface in the process. Regular sessions with one of us allow you to build new pathways of being & action to bring about meaningful change.


Individual NLP Coaching

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) with a transpersonal approach allows for very deep transformational work to take root quickly.  We can often set in motion major shifts in your entire experience of life in one or two sessions through this work.